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Bjussa.se är Sveriges bästa fyndhörna för bortskänkes – Här är allt du kan hitta gratis. Här finns det du letar efter och det som någon annan vill bli av med, bingo för både miljön och plånboken!

Leta runt bland allt som bortskänkes eller skänk bort något du själv inte längre använder.

Welcome to Bjussa.se – a second hand website for a sustainable future

About Bjussa.se

Bjussa.se is the best bargain basement in Sweden and here is everything you find for free! Books, furniture, clothes, electronics… Here you’ll find what you’re looking for and what someone else wants to get rid of – bingo for the environment and for your wallet!

Bjussa.se is a social enterprise that is not profit-driven. Through Bjussa.se we simply want to reduce the amount of waste that is produced and thereby reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Both companies as well as private individuals are welcome to use Bjussa.se. You can either upload an ad (for free of course!) in order to give something away – to bjussa – or you can browse through others’ ads and find what you’re looking for. Are you an enterpriser? If so, we will give you advertising space on this website in return that you will give things away instead of throwing them away.

So what are you waiting for? Start to bjussa!

Why reusing things?

Most environmental issues are directly or indirectly related to the material flow and the use of natural resources in society. Alongside the economic development, society has continuously increased the amounts of waste. The same goes for the costs of dealing with the waste (e.g. recycling, incineration and extraction of biogas), which has also increased. This is not a sustainable development.

In order to change this development it’s crucial to reduce, reuse and finally recycle. That means that the best way of improving the environmental situation is to reduce the creation of waste in the first place. So instead of throwing things away, give them away through Bjussa.se so someone else can reuse them!

New ad

Do you have things that you want to get rid of? Then you’re just a minute away from being the environmental hero of the day! Simply fill out the information under “Ny annons” and your ad will soon be uploaded (free of charge of course!). If you attach a photo it will be easier for others to see the things you are giving away and what condition they are in.

Once you’ve uploaded your ad, you’ll get a confirmation via e-mail with a direct link to the ad. The e-mail also includes another link, which you use in order to delete your ad once you’ve given your item away. It is as simple as that!

Please note that you can’t charge anything for the items in your ads, except for possible postage if your things are going to be mailed.


If you have any questions, remarks or general feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Vivi Båvner – CEO and responsible for our partners
Mobile: 070-414 66 66
E-mail: vivi@bjussa.se

Lovisa Lönegren – Communication
Mobile: 073-975 13 62
E-mail: lovisa@bjussa.se

Christoffer Munkestam – Technical issues
Mobile: 073-959 94 60
E-mail: christoffer@bjussa.se

Ny annons

Att skänka vidare det du själv inte har användning för är ett lätt sätt för dig att slippa åka till tippen. Dessutom är det bra för miljön och solidariskt att återanvända. Och gratis, såklart.

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